Farmers and producers, optimizing and sharing their resources and presenting them to new national and international markets.

The founders and producers of Raffaello Gourmet are the farmers themselves. Brought together by the same Montefeltro artisan traditions which have given life to the agricultural consortium society. They offer artisan foodstuffs and are decidedly against food adulteration. Their products are of high quality and have a certified point of origin, thanks to a historical knowledge of the area based upon direct relationships and knowledge, often hereditary, shared between the families, as well as the traditional production techniques

Our first objective is the health and authenticity of the crops cultivated and prepared, thus ensuring the best possible organoleptic qualities. The integrated pest control systems in place have led to a reduction, and in most cases to the elimination of weed killers and pesticides. Chemical preservatives, synthetic aromas and medicines are not used during the transformation process. The original products are exclusively produced within the companies, or, are in some cases, of spontaneous origin.


In Montefeltro, it is not at all uncommon to recognize each producer through the surnames of their families rather than through their brands. This gives a real measure of how the relationships between people and traditions are still alive and rooted in the territory and that have nothing to do with industrial agriculture.

New life to the Montefeltro farmers. Together you can do so much, and why not... be able to introduce traditional artisan products abroad?

Stefano Varsen

Eating healthy has become almost imperative. I have always respected those who work to save traditions and good food, real resources for Italy and for those you love.

Barbara Guinea

Stroll through places dear to Raffaello, around Urbino, castles and works of art, from ceramics to art galleries. It's a real pleasure that is crowned when you sit down at the table.

Bruna Grimaldi


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