We're waiting for you in Montefeltro's heartland, where generations of new farmers are rediscovering the values of time and traditions.

Montefeltro is a historical region in central Italy going as far back as the Renaissance era. It is comprised of parts of the Marche, Umbria and Romagna regions as well as The Republic of San Marino. It has flourishing artistic and cultural resources and boasts excellent wine and food traditions. It's historical capital was Urbino and its duchy, which these days is a world heritage site officially recognised by UNESCO. The area is rich in castles, fortified cities and citadels whilst the landscape is shaped by its high hills and deep valleys which have been ploughed by rivers, culminating in the Apennine ridge over 1600 meters high. Having a small population has permitted the conservation of the natural environment which is now an ideal area for very high quality farming. Back in the 14th century the best produce from throughout the land was sent to the Pope and Montefeltro was one of his main pantries. Montefeltro's wine and food traditions have been maintained over the years and are alive, well and appreciated by many foodies today. The new generation of farmers has understood the key roles of traditional food products and sustainable tourism which are important characteristics for the local economy's progress and development.



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