The Company

Mascia Delicatezze, an artisan family-run bakery, has been baking with love and passion every day since 1976, keeping the Marche master baker memories alive.
Mascia Delicatezze selects only the best local ingredients, of which the undisputed leader of the whole range is without a doubt Italian extra virgin olive oil which contributes to make its products perfect for a Mediterranean diet. The adventure began when Nicola and Luigi, 25 and 23 years old brothers decided to undertake that most noble and ancient profession of making hand made bread. To this day they continue with the same passion and expertise, following tradition and producing genuine, traditionally baked goods. The Mascia Delicatezze Selection is a selection of recipes inspired by the Marche bread making traditions, rich in history and food culture. Sweet and savoury hand made products and truffle specialities for those who love the simple act of eating well and enjoying authentic tastes.

Baking every day with love and passion since 1976.



Via A. Volta 17/19 - 61043 Cagli


Corso Roma, 22-61041 Acqualagna