The Company

Montefeltro is the land of truffles and this tuber distinguishes itself from others thanks to its organoleptic properties conferred to it by the environment in which it developed. Rigid, hard soils give life to a slightly more irregular shaped truffle which is firmer and has a stronger scent which allows it to be stored better and with less aroma and taste loss.
The Serafino family, who are the owners of Marchigiana Truffles, have been collecting and commercializing truffles for more than 30 years. The fresh product is conserved and available all year round both in Italy and abroad. The company has been passed on to the Serafinos' son, Fabio, and ample space has been given to the cultivation of truffles with 80 hectares of plantation containing fine white truffles ( tuber magnatum pico), select black truffles ( tuber melanosporum Vittadini) and both summer and winter black truffles (tuber aestivum Vittadini and tuber uncinatum Chatin) Marchigiana Truffles guarantees the quality of its products based upon organoleptic properties, freshness and integrity. It also guarantees that all their truffles are from the Marche region.


Tartuficoltore and operator of 80 hectares of truffle.



Via A. Volta 17/19 - 61043 Cagli


Corso Roma, 22-61041 Acqualagna