The Company

"La Madre Terra - Mother Earth" is the brand name of the social co-operative. " La Fraternità - The Brotherhood" is an expression of the "Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII" Association which, for years, has been engaged in areas of poverty and marginilisation,through a direct sharing experience and a commitment to remove the causes which create injustice by means of peaceful intervention.
Our products have been on the market since 1987. It is an established brand which, in addition to selecting high quality organic products also brings the dedication of many people, with and without disabilities, to the marketplace, where they have found dignity through their work. A special kind of work where nobody is left out and each individual becomes important.
"La Pietra Scartata - The Discarded Stone" is the name of the workplace where workers, qualified technicians and people with various disorders come together, working alongside and helping each other every day.

30° anniversario dalla fondazione - Certificati biologici dalla fine degli anni ottanta

Claiming one's dignity by means of employment.



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