The Company

Di Mauro's whole wheat egg pasta has ancient roots, its taste conveys the traditional pasta flavour which was passed through generations. When you eat Di Mauro's handmade pasta it's like savouring the dishes that Italian grandmothers prepared with passion and love. The same features are still maintained today, in fact the handmade whole wheat egg pasta is certified 100% Italian. It is made with great attention to details, step by step , in order to create an healthy, genuine product also easy to digest. Born on the Fermo hills, in the Marche region, in central Italy, the pasta factory gained a high recognition and today it is a leader in the production of pasta in Italy.

When you eat Di Mauro's homemade pasta, it's like tasting our grandmothers' cuisine.



Via A. Volta 17/19 - 61043 Cagli


Corso Roma, 22-61041 Acqualagna